Everything You Should Know About Dental Financing

While there are many new affordable alternatives in aesthetic dentistry, smile enhancing treatments often still come with their price tag.

More and more clinics start offering payment plans and financing options to their patients, breaking down their treatment investment into manageable chunks.

The offering of payment and finance plans for aesthetic dentistry is fairly similar between different clinics. However, each clinic will be able to share all details about the terms and conditions of their different plans.

Different types of payment plans

Just like with other loans and finances, the list of possibilities is endless! Nevertheless, there are 3 main types of payment plans.

  • Pay as the treatment goes

Many clinics offer a kind of payment spread for high value treatments that are completed over the course of different visits. Your personal plan would consist of a deposit payment and partial instalments that would be due either every month or every visit you pay to the dentist.

Other than with third-party plans, it’s the clinic who offer the payment spread, and is fully free to agree on the terms with you. Classically, there are no interest rates charged for in-house payment plans, but they also rarely exceed the length of a treatment.

  • Short term monthly instalments

There are also plans offered by external providers. Please note that if you’ll be working with a dental finance provider, your application will be subject to a solvability check.

Depending on the outcome of that assessment, it’s possible to get a 0% payment plan to up to 12 monthly instalments. As you might wonder, who pays for it then? If your dentist offers this, they might pay a fee to the finance provider.

  • Long term monthly instalments

At last, there is a possibility to have finance plans to up to 60 monthly instalments. These are also issued by a third party provider, and thus there will be an application process to it.

Long term payment plans cannot be offered at 0% interest rate. Depending on the outcome of the financial check, they can range from 9.9% APR to higher annual rates.

Discuss your options with a Smile Consultant

As mentioned, custom plans are available and the list can be endless. However, our Smile Consultants have access to price indications, and could give you a rough estimate of what the monthly instalment would be.

Open a quick chat through the link below and they’ll have a first indication in minutes.

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