Smile Simulations - The Value of Seeing Yourself With A New Smile

Do you need a smile simulation to make a well-informed decision on a dental treatment? Not at all, but just like a car test drive, a simulation could help you make up your mind, before committing to any treatment.

Since smile simulations are a rather new thing, especially if you are just discovering the possibilities of modern dentistry, it make sense to share a few notes on what to expect from them and where to request one.

Get on the same page with your dentist

Given how much personal taste can differ, and the price tag that comes with aesthetic dentistry, you’ll want your dentist to fully understand your preferences in terms of size, shape and shading of your teeth. A smile simulation is an ideal medium for you and your dentist to get on the same page.

While it’s doubtful a smile simulation will be exactly how your smile will look like, it helps you and your dentist visualize your taste and understand each other clearer.

Simulation of a whitening treatment

Online smile simulations

While many dental clinics are getting equipped with simulation tools, we’ve come to an era where information is gathered online mainly, from the comfort of a living room. The same counts for aesthetic dental treatments.

Seeing yourself with a new smile can be a huge help to make up your mind on whether you’d like your smile changed and in which way. The fact you can now get this online and have a Smile Consultant answering your questions makes this a much easier, and accessible step in your decision-taking process.

How to look at a simulation?

Receiving your very own smile simulation, you (assisted by a Smile Consultant) could try to answer a few key questions for yourself, to eventually make a decision to see a dentist or not.

  1. Comparing the before-and-after, which do you like most?
  2. Which aspect has improved most in the simulation?
  3. How do you like the colour and shape of your current teeth versus your simulated teeth?
  4. How do others like the way you look with a simulated smile?

A Smile Consultant will be of great help to get the questions above answered, as well as to give you an initial idea of what your options are, given your current teeth and potential budget to invest.

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