Clear aligners

Alternatives for clear aligners

Orthodontic treatments have come a long way, and very often, new solutions are being introduced into dental clinics.

Fixed wire braces: the best known teeth straightening solution globally, and probably the most used as well, are fixed wire braces. They consist of a metal arch wire, connected to metal brackets that are secured on every tooth that needs to move over the course of the treatment (mostly all of them). As the wire applies pressure onto the construction, your teeth move into their final position. Although they might be less discrete than some other options out there, metal brackets have a fast and reliable outcome in almost every case.

Tooth-coloured braces: tooth-coloured, or ceramic, braces are a more discrete alternative to wire braces. Instead of metal, the materials used for the brackets are ceramics, which blend in nicer with your natural tooth colour.

Lingual braces: as the name lingual (the side towards the tongue) implies, this solution is secured onto the inner side of your teeth. Apart from that, they have very similar working as normal braces. The big advantage, of course, is the fact they are basically invisible. Lingual braces can be a bit harder to clean and can cause some irritation of the tongue in some cases.

Removable braces: somewhat of a hybrid solution between braces and clear aligners, there are removable braces. They are built to be discrete, in a metal and plastic material. Using coil springs and aligner bows, your teeth move into a final position in a fairly quick way. Just like clear aligners, they can be taken out for very short periods of time to fit into your lifestyle.

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