Clear aligners

Procedure for clear aligners

Dental assessment: The first step is to have an assessment with a trained clinician to ensure you are dentally fit. Any underlying problems will always need to be treated prior to commencing a treatment of braces.

Impressions: To begin with, you will need to have impressions taken of your teeth. Traditionally this will be via a putty and tray system, but modern dentistry does allow for digital impressions to be taken and sent electronically to the aligner company.

Fit: It usually takes between 2-3 weeks for your aligners to arrive at your dentist. They will show you how to fit the first set of your aligners and give you the best practices on wearing them, and how to keep them clean. You will usually be given 3 series of aligners to take away, wearing each series of aligners for around 2 weeks before moving on to the next one. You will need a follow up appointment every 6 weeks for a review of your teeth, and to collect the next lot of aligners to continue your treatment. Every patient is different, and your clinician will always advise you accordingly.

Retainers: When you are on your last set of aligners to complete your teeth straightening treatment, these will usually be used as your night time retainers (to stop your teeth from relapsing). Fixed retainers behind the back of the teeth may also be used to give retention through the day as well.

Removable braces are a relatively straight forward way to straighten your teeth as they are non-invasive and require less frequent visits to the dentist.

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