Composite bonding

Alternatives for composite bonding

Composite bonding is often used a stand-alone treatment, to fix minor imperfections or as an alternative to dental veneers. However, it can also be part of a bigger treatment plan, combined with whitening or orthodontic treatments. There are some alternative options to composite bonding that are suitable in certain cases.

Dental veneers: these porcelain shields are secured on the front of your natural tooth, basically covering it's natural shape. Veneers are a purely cosmetic solution, and mostly used as a make-over, on multiple teeth in the front. While they are more durable than composite bonding, they tend to be pricier as well.

Dental crowns: in case you have an interest in composite bonding, to fix a chipped corner, or a damaged tooth from trauma, there is a possibility the damage is too severe to be fixed with the resin. In that case, a more suitable option could be to place a new crown onto your tooth. This will require some trimming of the tooth first, after which a custom made tooth restoration (made from durable material) will be placed onto the stump.

Tooth replacements: it is possible your dentist will notice problems in the underlying structure of the tooth, making a crown not a suitable option. In that situation, it might be safest to have the tooth removed and design a structure to replace the missing element.

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