Dental implants

Alternatives for implants

Like most dental treatments, there are multiple options when it comes to tooth loss. The best one for you will depend on your exact situation and what you are wanting to achieve:

Dental bridges: If you have lost a single tooth, then a bridge could be used to replace that tooth. The adjacent teeth would need to be prepared and crowned, with the pontic (false tooth in the middle) acting as your new tooth. This can either be a removable or fixed option (on implants) depending on your exact situation.

Dentures: This is the most traditional method used in replacing missing teeth. For the removable option they rely on being a close fit and your saliva to create a suction between the two to be nice fitting. They can be made either as partials (for a few missing teeth) or used to replace full sets. It is common to need your dentures relined as they age, as changes will occur in your mouth meaning they are not as well fitted as they once were. They can also be used as a fixed option on top of dental implants (known as overdentures).

When replacing your missing teeth, its important to understand all the suitable options so you can make the best decision for your needs.

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