Dental implants

Why dental implants?

In short, if you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, then implants are a way to securely replace them. The easiest way to explain how they work is to look at a natural tooth. Our natural teeth have two main parts. The root (non visible part) and the crown (what we see). The implant and the restoration could be seen respectively as the root and the crown.

Losing a tooth can be a cause for bone loss. Subsequently, the erosion of your jaw bone in one place could affect the surrounding bone to fade away, which eventually leads to further tooth loss.

There are many causes for losing a tooth. A first and obvious one is that your tooth got damaged by trauma. Another reason can be gum disease, which in essence is caused by poor oral hygiene. At last, bad habits like smoking could also be a cause for losing teeth.

If there is an underlying cause for your tooth loss, like gum disease or a smoking habit, your dentists will want this solved first, before placing the implant.

In the case the bone loss has become too severe, a bone graft will be included in your treatment plan. Bone grafting basically means the dentist will add bone tissue to your jaw bone, either by taking it from another part of your body, or using a special grafting material.

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