Dental veneers

Strong aesthetic shields, secured on your natural teeth used to enhance your smile. Veneers give an immediate make over effect

What are veneers?

Comparable to how acrylic nails work on hands, dental veneers are strong aesthetic shields that are secured on your natural teeth, giving an immediate makeover effect.

In most cases, veneers are custom made by skilled dental technicians, who deliver an end-result that is barely distinguishable from a natural tooth. While veneers are very durable, it is important to note they can be fragile as well. Bad habits like using your teeth as tools to open lids could break a veneer as they aren’t made for that kind of pressure.

There are two kinds of veneers. Classic veneers require a minimal trimming of the tooth before they can be secured onto your teeth's face. With further developments, and the possibility to make the shields even thinner, there are now also non-prepped veneers.

Based on the above, you might prefer to have non-prepped veneers over veneers that need trimming. However, the suitability for non-prepped, as well as for classic veneers is something your dentist will be able to decide on.

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Benefits of dental veneers

  • Veneers are ideal to address multiple aspects of your smile in one treatment.
  • Within limitations, veneers allow to redesign the complete look your smile.
  • Patients don't need any recovery time from veneers.
  • In case the patient is suitable for non-prepped veneers, they are non-invasive and reversible.
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