Dental veneers

Alternatives for veneers

If you are considering a full makeover of your smile, veneers are a great option but you might also look into different pathways. As straightforward veneers could seem, some like their new smile to look more natural, or choose for a more durable prosthesis.

Tooth whitening combined with orthodontics: A popular combination to look into if you’re bothered with the positioning as well as the colour of your teeth. It’s common that at the end of a tooth-straightening treatment, the patient decides to apply some tooth whitening for an extra spark. The extra cost of tooth whitening is often relatively low to the orthodontic treatment, while the effect can be significant!

Orthodontics combined with composite bonding: Composite bonding is an often used way to fix minor tooth imperfections like chipped corners. In that sense, it is a great complement to tooth-straightening to bring more symmetry to your smile. As it is applied onto your teeth, it does not damage the natural structure at all.

Implant constructions: Implant-supported constructions are the best alternative to your natural teeth. The so-called “all-on-four” or “all-on-six” are larger constructions replacing a full tooth arch, with “four” or “six” referring to the number of implants used as a support. This reconstruction will have a functioning almost as good as your natural teeth. However, this also means any natural element will be removed and permanently replaced.

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