Dental veneers

Procedure for veneers

Assessment: The first step in deciding over a veneer treatment could be an informal meeting with your dentist or the treatment coordinator, who will explain the procedure and the financial aspect of the different options. During that same visit, or a next consultation, there will be a full assessment of your oral health to determine your suitability for the treatment.

Impression taking and tooth trimming: If your dentally fit to go ahead, the dentist will take preparatory steps and impressions of your teeth which serve as a basis for the dental lab to manufacture your custom shields. In case you are going for non-prepped veneers, a direct impression of your natural teeth will go to the dental laboratory.

Alternatively, with prepped veneers, the dentist takes an impression of your natural teeth before the trimming. When the trimming is done, another impression is made which is the base for the lab to work on. For the time in between the trimming and the final placement, the dentist will make a temporary solution based on the first impression that was made.

Veneer placement: A few weeks after the impressions were sent to the dental laboratory, you’ll see your dentist for a last time to have the final veneers secured on your teeth. In case the fit would not be 100%, you might need to come in another time for some adjustments.

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