Gum corrections

Alternatives for gum corrections

Changing hygiene habits: keeping in mind that the initial cause of the gum disease possibly has a link to lifestyle habits, consider this a recommendation, more than an alternative. Please note you won't be able to turn around a situation of gum recession, for example, by oral hygiene measures. However, following hygiene instructions strictly could prevent the damage to go any further.

Orthodontic treatments: changing the positioning of your teeth, orthodontic treatments could benefit the overall symmetry of your smile, as well as move certain teeth more upwards or downwards. If you are bothered with a gummy smile (showing more gums than wanted), orthodontic treatments can expose a larger proportion of the tooth's crown, without effectively touching your gums. Keep in mind orthodontic treatments have little effect on your oral hygiene and health. Diseases like receded gums are not suitable to be treated with braces or aligner splints.

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