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Gums that complement your teeth

The function of mouth gums is to surround and protect the tooth's root from moving and decay. Your gums' health is basically an extension to the condition of your teeth.

The condition of your gums can make your teeth look either amazing or in really bad shape. In that sense, approaching your smile in a more holistic way, you'll want gums that complement the colour and shape of your teeth.

Apart from how much gum you show when smiling, your main concern should be to prevent gums from infecting and receding. The best way to do this, is to maintain a good oral hygiene.

Receding gums can be a result of grinding. In that case, your dentist will help you find a way to break the habit, and possibly provide you with a custom mouth guard.

Improving your daily hygiene can stop gums from infecting. It can also stop gums from receding, on the condition you are able to cut with bad habits that caused the recession initially. Please note that receded gum cannot grow back by changing hygiene habits.

A dentist, however, is able to surgically lower or raise the level of your gums. This might be necessary to close the small spaces cause by the receded gum, which are pools for bacteria and plaque.

Gum corrections are also used to benefit the look of your smile, even when there is no medical need to do so. Although gummy smiles are a normal variation of the human anatomy, they can affect people’s confidence and embarrass them.

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