Teeth positioning

Treatments changing the way how your teeth are positioned in your mouth.

Orthodontic treatments

“Alignment” is a term referring to the positioning of the teeth in the mouth. For an aesthetic appearance, it is desirable for teeth to be well aligned with no overlapping or spacing, but another aspect is with the function of the bite. Together with the positioning and size of your jaw, teeth alignment can affect the function of your bite and even your posture.

The treatment for moving teeth to enhance their positioning is known as “orthodontics”. There are many different modalities within orthodontics and treatment can be simple or complex, sometimes involving surgery. However, alignment of the front teeth for a more cosmetic result can often be achieved with more minor movements.

While there are many options to get straighter teeth, and many variants on the same solution, there are some main categories.

To start, there are the known fixed braces, which consist of brackets and wires. Classically, these are in metal and elastic bands. For aesthetic reasons, braces now also come in a more discreet colour. These often go under the name of "tooth-coloured", "invisible" or "ceramic" braces.

Secondly, it is also possible to have the brackets placed at the backside of your teeth, which are called "lingual" braces.

There are also two types of removable appliances to align your teeth. The most popular variant are called clear aligners, which are basically a series invisible shields that gradually change the positioning of your teeth. Alternatively, there are removable metal appliances that work with springs and bars to apply specific forces to your teeth.

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