Lingual braces

A discrete way of aligning teeth. Braces are bonded to the inner side of the tooth, making them invisible.

What Are Lingual braces?

Lingual braces are a discreet way of aligning teeth. Lingual braces are different to conventional braces, as conventional braces are typically bonded to the tooth’s front surface.

Lingual braces, however, are bonded to the inner side of the tooth (behind the tooth) rendering the brace completely invisible.

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Benefits of Lingual braces

  • Just like fixed metal braces and ceramic braces, lingual braces have very predictable results.
  • Since the brackets are attached to the inner side of your tooth, lingual braces are not visible in daily life.
  • Compared to other discreet solutions like clear aligners, lingual braces normally reach faster results.
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