Lingual braces

Procedure for lingual braces

Dental assessment: The first step is to have a dental assessment with a trained clinician. They will check that you are dentally fit, as anything untoward identified has to be treated prior to commencement of orthodontic treatment.

Impressions: After you have accepted the proposed treatment plan, the first stage of the treatment will be to attend to have some clinical photographs taken (the exact process will vary from clinic to clinic).

An impression of your teeth will either be taken via the traditional method of using a putty system or a digital scan will be taken. The impressions will be used to create a study model and the brace will be ordered from the appropriate laboratory.

Fit: The fit appointment will range from 2-4 weeks after the impressions have been taken. This appointment will be the longest, and your clinician will carefully bond the brace to the backs of your teeth. You will be given best practices on how to maintain your oral hygiene.

Adjustments: Every 6-8 weeks you will need to see your clinician, so they can adjust your brace. Each adjustment is designed to make the brace slightly tighter in places so that over time the brace will gradually reposition your teeth to their final resting position.

How many adjustments will depend on how complex your case is and your clinician will be able to give you a rough idea at your consultation.

Debond: This appointment will be slightly longer than the adjustments and is when the clinician will remove the brace from your teeth (once happy with the result).

Another impression will be taken of your teeth and will be used to make your night time retainer. A fixed retainer may also be fitted onto the backs of your teeth to give you constant retention.

Retainers: After a couple of weeks your removable retainer will be ready for collection, and to be fitted in practice. You will be given best practices on how often to wear the retainer and how to clean them.

Final Review: Again, this will vary from each clinic, but a final review may happen between 1-3 months and the retainers will also be checked.

If any additional appointments are required, the clinic will always notify you and work with you for the most suitable appointment times available.

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