Lingual braces

Why lingual braces?

The Lingual brace is used to treat patients that may have a customer/client facing role and doesn’t want anyone to know they are wearing a brace.

Lingual braces are often not required as the specific teeth straightening option to correct the teeth, but more from the point of view of the patient who is looking at discrete methods.

People getting married and not having much time to have braces before the big day may chose this option to start the process, so there is a noticeable improvement before the wedding (this will vary based on time constraints).

The downside/main complaint of the lingual brace is how it affects patient’s speech, as the lingual brace is fitted on the inside of the teeth, with the tongue tending to touch the lingual brace quite often at the start of treatment.

However, the patient soon overcomes any speech difficulty and within a couple of weeks won’t be able to tell the difference.

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