Teeth Shape

Changing the shape of your teeth

Next to the colour and positioning of your teeth, their shape and size largely contribute to the overall symmetry of your smile. Textbooks describe an optimal tooth shape related to your face shape, as well as golden proportions of how wide and long teeth should be. Looking into multi-unit changes, it definitely makes sense to discuss the optimal shape and size with your dentist.

However, fixing minor imperfections like chipped corners, or changing the size of a tooth, you’re better off focusing on the teeth you already have and are happy with! Your dentist would then try to match the new element, in colour, shape and size, as nice as possible within your existing set of teeth.

There is a very wide range of dental treatments used to improve teeth in shape and size. That goes from applying tooth coloured cement onto a natural element, to a full replacement of the natural tooth with an implant for example. Which specific solution suits you best, your dentist will be able to help with.

Less invasive treatments like applying composite cement to an element, or applying porcelain shields, might seem like a more accessible solution. However, your suitability will depend on the state of your natural set of teeth. In some cases, a crown replacement can be a better option, as they can take over the functioning of the tooth as well.

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