Teeth whitening

Alternatives for teeth whitening

Whitening is a rather unique treatment in the sense that it changes the look of your smile, without really affecting the positioning, shape or natural look of your teeth. There are great alternatives available.

Dental veneers: veneers are thin shields that are fixed onto the face of your natural (front) teeth. While veneers will be pricier than a whitening treatment, they are ideal to change improve the shape, positioning and shade of your teeth.

Composite bonding: the effect of composite bonding is similar to veneers. However, composite is manually applied onto your tooth surface instead of a pre-manufactured shield. To change the colour of one or more teeth, a dentist will add a thin layer of composite on your natural tooth. Composite can last for a few years, but is not ever-lasting. It can also be taken off again would the patient want this.

Crowns: it may be possible that intrinsic tooth damage is the cause for discolouration. In that case, whitening would not be the solution for you. Your dentist might offer a crown as an alternative, which basically is a custom-made cap that would replace the damaged crown of your natural tooth.

White fillings: it's fair to say white fillings are not a proper alternative to whiten your teeth. However, you might have an amalgam filling (grey filling) that really attracts the attention when you smile, or that just bothers you. White fillings are the modern-day alternative to amalgam and really blend in nicely with your natural tooth shade.

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