Teeth whitening

Procedure for teeth whitening

As mentioned before, there are two ways of whitening teeth. Either the treatment is carried out at your dental clinic, or you wear a series of bleaching trays at home for a period of time.

Examination: a first step, as with every aesthetic treatments, is an examination to ensure the patient is dentally fit. Your dentist will also make you aware of the fact teeth whitening will not lift the shade of existing crown, veneer or bridge work.

In house teeth whitening – treatment: a longer appointment takes place where the dentist will apply the peroxide, and a UV light is placed over the teeth. Every 20 minutes approximately, the gel is washed off and fresh substance is re-applied. This process would be repeated until your desired shade is reached.

Home whitening - record taking: 1 to 2 weeks after a first consultation, a records appointment is scheduled. At this appointment, clinical photographs, tooth impressions and possibly radiographs will be taken. As every clinic differs, this might also happen at your first appointment already.

Home whitening - tray fitting: about 2 weeks later, you can see the dentist to have the whitening trays fitted. At this point, you will also get instructions on how to carry out the treatment at home.

Review: about 4 weeks after the treatment was carried out, you can compare the changes in shades that were reached with the whitening.

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