Tooth coloured braces

Clear brackets that are less noticeable, for when discretion is important

What are tooth coloured braces?

Tooth-coloured, also known as ceramic or invisible braces, are basically a variant of fixed metal wire braces. They work with the exact same mechanisms, but are made from different materials. Instead of metal brackets and metal wires, they consist of clear brackets and possibly clear wires.

Just like with normal fixed braces, the time of the treatment varies largely depending on the complexity of the movements. Normally, a dentist can make a rough estimate when you go in for the first assessment. If your dentist offers both clear and metal braces, it is likely you can choose between both options, regardless of which movements are needed. Classically, the clear variant will be slightly higher priced due to the cost of its materials.

Orthodontic treatments in general are being used more and more on adults purely for aesthetic reasons, focusing on your front teeth rather than your molars and jaw. In these cases, clear brackets and wires often are the most favourable option, since they are more discreet.

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Benefits of tooth coloured braces

As becomes clear, ceramic braces are often put next to metal braces since they are basically the same system. Positioning these "invisible" braces in a larger context of orthodontic treatments, there are a few benefits over different other solutions.

  • The main advantage of ceramic braces over metal braces is the fact they are more discreet and blend in easier in your social life.
  • Fixed braces in general give more control over the movement of the teeth than removable metal braces, or clear aligners do. This also means they are more suitable for complex cases, or cases that need adjustments to your jaw's position.
  • Brackets and wires generally can put larger forces on to your teeth to reposition them. This benefits the length of your treatment plan.
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