Tooth coloured braces

Alternatives for tooth coloured braces

There are many different reasons why you would choose for clear fixed braces. Basically, any orthodontic treatment will move your teeth to a more optimal position. Depending on your budget, the importance of discretion, and the severity of the case, you can look into alternatives as well:

Fixed metal braces: when it comes to the effectiveness of orthodontic treatments, there probably is no better option than metal wire braces. If discretion is not your main concern, or budget is a priority, metal braces can be a good alternative to you.

Lingual braces: although these are still technically a fixed brace option, they slightly differ to traditional methods as they are fixed to the backs of your teeth. Lingual braces are discreet up to a level they are basically invisible.

Clear aligners: a series of transparent shields are used to gradually move your teeth into their final position. The fact they are very discreet when worn and can be removed for short periods of times for special occasions, makes this an ever-growing segment of orthodontic treatments. Due to a different technique used, clear aligners are not suitable for some complex cases that can be treated with fixed braces.

Removable appliances: somewhat of a hybrid solution between braces and clear aligners, there are removable appliances. They are built to be discrete, in a metal and plastic material. Using coil springs and aligner bows, your teeth move into a final position in a fairly quick way. Just like clear aligners, they can be taken out for very short periods of time to fit into your lifestyle.

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