Tooth coloured braces

Procedure for tooth coloured braces

The steps you will undergo when choosing for tooth coloured braces are exactly the same as they are for metal braces:

Dental assessment: The first stage is to have your teeth examined by a clinician. They will check the health of your teeth and then discuss the suitable options available to you, and a treatment plan with those options will be prepared for you. Radiographs may be taken at this stage or the next.

Impressions: At this stage clinical photographs will be taken of your teeth and impressions of your teeth (either manual or digital) will be taken.

Fitting: This will be one of the longest appointments where your clinician will carefully bond the brace to the surfaces of your teeth.

Adjustment: These types of appointment will happen every 4/6 weeks and your clinician will adjust your braces slightly (rebound loose brackets, change and reposition wires etc). These are much shorter in time compared to the fitting and debond.

Debond: When your dentist is happy with the position of your teeth, they will debond the braces and impressions for retainers will be taken. Some dentists may fix a retainer to the backs of your teeth as well.

Retainer fit: When your retainers are ready to collect, this will be a short appointment to pick them up and be shown how to wear them, and best practices for cleaning.

Final review: This will usually happen around 1-3 months to check your teeth and ensure the retainer is still fitting well.

The length of time to straighten teeth can drastically vary depending on how complex your case is (short/long term orthodontics) and which braces system you have. We always advise a dental assessment, so you have tailored information to your needs.

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